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CBES Toolkit

Tianzhen Hong,, (510) 486-7082

Yixing Chen,, (510) 486-5297

Project PIs

Mary Ann Piette,, (510) 486-6286. PI of the CEC funded SMBToolkit project ( )

Cynthia Regnier,, (510) 486-7011. PI of the DOE funded 2030 Districts small commercial buildings toolkit.

The Commercial Building Energy Saver (CBES) Pro Licensing Information

The CBES Pro App provides a prototype web-based user interface to demonstrate main features of CBES Pro in energy retrofit analysis for commercial buildings in major U.S. cities.

Use of the CBES Pro API is a highly effective way for software developers to access the CBES Pro database, algorithms, and EnergyPlus simulation, and use them in the development of customized web-interfaces or other services.

The CBES Pro is available as a commercial license. Interested parties please contact:

Questions on CBES Pro software, Tianzhen Hong, (510) 486-7082,

Questions on licensing CBES Pro, Sebastian Ainslie, (415) 424-4741,

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